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Portfolio / Drawings

The drawings in the series, 'Mappings' were created over a period of time in sketchbooks to explore the idea of the body and cosmos and of human marks and interaction in time and space through an exploration of formal abstract qualities. This project is a work in progress and remains experimental, open ended and unresolved at this moment in time.

All the works numbered from 1- 37 are works on paper usually executed with pencil and watercolour or ink and some white acrylic. They are all mostly around 20x20cms with the smaller ones, numbered from 13-20 being around 12x12cms.

A further selection of sketchbook pages and other drawings and studies of various subjects in a variety of media is also included.

Metamorphoses Paintings & Drawings. All work featured in this portfolio is created by and © Alan Mitchell 2009. Website created by Op45.