'Form is emptiness, emptiness is form.'
- The Heart Sutra

'Nor does anything retain its own appearance permanently. Ever-inventive nature continually produces one shape from another.
Nothing in the entire universe ever perishes, believe me, but things vary and adopt a new form.'

- The teachings of Pythagoras, Book XV Ovid. Metamorphoses

Metamorphoses: Paintings and Drawings by Alan Mitchell

The paintings and drawings presented come from various different but related projects over a period of several years and represent some but by no means all of my work.
There are unfinished projects and individual works in progress that I have not included but hope to add in future as I update this site. Many of the paintings are now in private collections. They are grouped thematically which also roughly corresponds chronologically to their period of production although some individual works have been ongoing over several years before being fully resolved. My work is in a state of flux as I change and get older and continue to explore new ideas and directions in life and art.

You can follow my blog here: http://alanmitchellartblog.blogspot.be/

Please contact me if you have any enquiries, are interested in buying or commissioning work or discussing an idea or project.

A copy of my CV can be downloaded here.

Alan Mitchell
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